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Various Aspects Related To Sprinkler Irrigation System

When it comes to taking care of the lawn, one of the best ways to do so is with professional sprinkler system installation. Installing a sprinkler system is an excellent way for property owners to save money on their utility bills and free up time. It also works as a great investment in the longevity of your landscape and enhancing the way it looks. In this blog, we will discuss various aspects related to the sprinkler irrigation system that can help you understand how it works, along with tips that can further enhance its performance.

Components of Sprinkler Irrigation system

When it comes to sprinkler system installation in Kitsap County or anywhere else, it generally comes with four essential components. 

A Pump Unit

A pump unit extracts water from the source and supply water to the entire system with appropriate pressure. It allows water to discharge at an optimal rate and volume, which can later be adjusted depending on the soil type and plants. 

Principal and Secondary Pipes

The main purpose of pipes is to carry water from the pump to the laterals. These pipes vary depending on the materials used. 

The Laterals

The laterals are used to transport water from pipes to the sprinklers. Laterals can be a permanent component as well as a portable one depending on your need. The materials that are generally used to make them are alloys or plastic.


Sprinklers are water-emitting device that is used to convert water jets into tiny droplets. It is generally arranged in a way to distribute the water evenly to the soil surface for the best result.

Tips to improve Sprinkler System

Once you are familiar with the various components of the Sprinkler irrigation system, now let us look at some of the tips that can help you bring out the most of your professional sprinkler system installation.

Install a rain and moisture sensor

 One of the best ways to enhance your irrigation sprinkler system is by installing a rain and moisture sensor along with it. These sensors work perfectly in saving you money on your utility bill by preventing unnecessary watering of soil after a rainstorm.

Reprogram your controller monthly 

With the changing season, the requirement for water keeps on changing. Make sure that you keep your sprinkler system updated to ensure that your lawn is getting the proper amount of water as per the changing season.


If you are considering investing in lawn maintenance, installing a good sprinkler system can do wonders for your lawn. Get in touch with professionals and find the best sprinkler system out there.

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