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Retaining Walls

Choose us for Retaining Wall Design Services in Kitsap County

Landscaping is an important aspect that keeps any property beautiful and appealing. However, there are different ways that property owners adopt to fulfil their landscaping requirements. We offer a bunch of landscaping services, and the best landscape design for retaining walls.

Retaining walls, as the name signifies, retain the soil erosion and do a lot to safeguard the property. Certainly, the walls must be built with materials having high precision that confirm the security to the fullest.


Also, the proficiency of the professionals should be entitled to it. That is how we work. With our years of existence in the field, we have gathered knowledge about landscaping deeply. That is why our professionals always adhere to offering high-end retaining walls that not only ensure a beautiful premise but also offer complete security to the property. Our retaining wall installation service in Kitsap County can conveniently offer,

-The functional benefit to the property

-Prevention against soil erosion

-Protection against all the elements that can damage the property

-Beautification of the property, and so on

It is always great to have the best retaining wall that meets all the concerned purposes well without exceeding the budget at all. We provide affordable garden retaining wall service in Kitsap County, whether it is building, designing, or installing, without leaving an error behind. 

The Types of Retaining Walls We Work On
Although we offer an array of retaining walls subjected to the preferences and requirements of the property owners, some common and exclusive types of retaining wall design services in Kitsap County include: 

Gravity Retaining Walls 
Such retaining walls are considered the best landscape design for retaining walls that helps to counter the excessive soil pressure through their massive gravitational load. It can be built with stone, concrete, and masonry. 

Gabion Retaining Walls
These retaining walls are installed to stabilize the steeper slopes and thereby protect the soil erosion efficiently for the structure. They are made with rocks and relative materials that can strengthen the walls to let them perform their function vividly.

Cradle Retaining Walls
Made with precast concrete or woods, the cradle retaining wall design services in Kitsap County helps to support the plains. However, such retaining walls shouldn’t be made for slopes. 

Counterfort Retaining Walls
Such retaining walls help in alleviating the shear forces and bending movements caused to the walls by the soil. Usually, the height of the walls remains 8-12m. 

Cantilever Retaining Walls
The cantilever retaining walls can be built primarily with any of the three types of concrete, such as precast concrete, reinforced concrete, or prestressed concrete. However, the amount of concrete is lesser than that of the gravity walls.

Contact us to get your preferred retaining wall installation service in Kitsap County, and let us help you with the best of your expectations!

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